Welcome to Aeries Online Enrollment
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Aeries Online Enrollment allows you to quickly begin the process of enrolling a Cadet for school.  Important details about the Cadet will be collected (parent/guardian information, emergency contacts, language information, previous school, etc.).  Upon completion, the Cadet's information is sent electronically to the school for importing into the main side of Aeries.

The Aeries Online Enrollment (Registration) is a two-part process.

Part 1:

This is a one-time use account for gathering important details about your Cadet.  It’s imperative to thoroughly read all instructions while going through the steps.  Once your information is officially submitted at the end of the Aeries Online Enrollment you’ll be unable to make changes in this portal (only reprint or review).

Part 2:

You’ll receive an email with further instructions for setting up your actual Aeries Parent Portal account (where you’ll be able to view attendance, classes, grades, etc.) and finishing the Aeries Registration process after your information has been imported into Aeries (please allow 2-3 days, not including weekends/holidays, for this process to take place). 


To begin enrolling a new Cadet, click the "Enroll A New Studentbutton (bottom right of screen).

If you want to reprint or review a previously enrolled Cadet, click the "Login" button (bottom left of screen).